Genetic algorithms

Implementation and optimization of data with genetic algorithms

Nowadays different methods for reaching the certain results in the trading are given and are used. Within the neuro networks you can heard about the genetic algorithms which are applied. Some think that these are the special trading strategies, but its not looking that way. These algorithms give the results more clear numbers and you would see a bit of difference in the outcomes if those GA are used.

They are working in such a way as to optimize the results and move them into more accurate ways. Those movements n the market can be sometimes fake and we have to know what is real and how reliable is the information. With the genetic algorithms the data is analyzed and is came to the clues within which you would find a lot less mistakes than with a regular ways. This system bring certain results, cause more accurate information is always a lot better and gifts it beneficial points. Use of these algorithms and you would be always knowing the most precise information than anybody else.

A the estimation are based not only on the mathematic calculations, but also on the biological. This method is was found to be real time taking, but it was transformed in such a way as to give results a lot faster and the biological system of the evolution was include in it. This method includes in itself the estimation of the result and optimizing them by giving the clues that prices would be behaving themselves as likely the evolution process was taking place. In the evolution the animals survive ,cause they were stronger and can withstand the challenges, the same is on the market. S you would see the prices are defined of the certain bank policies, those laws ,margins and other things that could influences their increases or decreases. So with the such system were are knowing how the price would behave itself within the periods of time defined by the used.

Genetic algorithms are probably some of the most usable and possible most accurate within the market analysis, cause they give a lot of the information on the certain matters and make them a lot more reliable. With such a system the results are made in such a way as to give the user the more efficient and reliable time frames within which they can work and give themselves the definite benefits. Knowing the time frames and accurate figures is the really important thing and we have to look in those to gather all the necessary facts as to operate on the market. With the use of the genetic algorithms everything became al to clear and you have to look in those as to always mentioning the real trends and do not be deceived with those fake changes or unstable looking movements. Be always sure in your results and estimate them in the bets way with the use of the genetic algorithms. These method would give you the real time tool for the analysis and you would be able to give more accurate information on the trends. Bring yourself the optimization of your results!

Kretov N.N. 2014г.